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Kashmir Global Movement KGM

KGM is seeking a peaceful resolution of seventy-four years old Kashmir dispute where so many lives had perished. It is the duty of all global citizens to extend a hand to the oppressed people of Kashmir and help them achieve peace and stability and eventually their long-awaited liberation.

Vision :

Peaceful Kashmir where people can live in peace and practice their democratic rights.

Mission Statement :

To work with the international community to get people of Kashmir their alienable right of "Self-determination", by providing them an opportunity for a Free and Fair referendum as enshrined in United Nation Resolutions.

Aims, objectives and scope of activities:

1. To advocate and defend human rights in Kashmir.

2. To seek intervention from the international community to stop ongoing human rights violations in Kashmir.

3. To actively seek an equitable and acceptable solution that is accepted by the people of Kashmir.

4. To find social and political justice through using international instruments. 

5.. Organising local and international human rights conferences,

6. Organising the local and international media forum,

7. co-operating with the United Nations and UNESCO et al

8. Supporting projects for Kashmir human rights education

9. Organising the "Round Table for Kashmir Human Rights" comprising the masjids, churches, non-government organisations, media houses, civil societies  and other institutions dealing with human rights issues

Meet Our Global Team

Our Global team of volunteers constantly working 24/7 to seeks a peaceful resolution of Kashmir.

Duke Salman Khan

Chairman KGM Kashmir Global Movement

Founder and Chairman of Kashmir Global Movement. Human Rights activist, social entrepreneur. Passionate about Kashmir liberation and seeking political and social justice for Kashmiris.

King Bunghe.JPG
King Bhungie II
President Kashmir Centre for Africa Union KCAU
King of the Embo Kingdom, MKAV member ex-robbin island prisoner. Inspector general for the diplomatic core and holds senior positions within NAC structure.
Hijab pic_edited.jpg
Sumaya Lone 

Peace Ambassador for Kashmir Global Movement and INSPAD. Sumaya is a law practitioner in the USA, human rights activist and environmental activist.

Naunchukandy Mauratius.jpg
Bashir Nuckchady

Secretary of the Council of Religions, Governing Board Member of ACRL - RfP, PRO. Muslim Citizens Council, Founder member of Al Meezaan Islamic Centre, Columnist for The Star & Sunday Times newspapers and Freelance writer for the daily ‘Le Mauricien’

Director Kashmir Global Movement Mauritius 

Fahim Kayani_edited.jpg
Raja Fahim Kayani

Legal Adviser to Kashmir Global Movement

Hi, I am a founder and chairman of Tehreek-e-Kashmir (TeK) the United Kingdom President RI am an active member and goodwill ambassador of Kashmir Global  movement .

Lyba H Chauhan.JPG
Lyba Naeem Chauhan,

Social Media Director KGM

Lyba is pursuing a degree of master in International relations is a human right activist focused on the Kashmir issue and other human rights violence in interstate conflicts. Lyba is Peace Ambassador and Social Media Director of Kashmir Global Movement.

Mbali Nkosi

Administrative Secretary

Hi, I am Mbali Nkosi and admin secretary of Kashmir Global Movement. I am graduate of international relation from UJ University of Johannesburg, and very passionate about the Kashmir peaceful resolution.

Siphiwe Mbatha

Regional Coordinator

I am Siphiwe Mbatha, Kashmir Global Movement coordinator Johannesburg South, graduate and researcher at UJ University of Johannesburg. Communication and building alliance is my forte. I would like to see peace in Kashmir

Rozina Smit

I am Connie from Ireland and been involved in Ireland peace struggle for many years and it is sad to see people of  Kashmir are still struggling, well I am here to mobilize and get peace to the people of kashmir, world must pay attention to the Indian attrocities committed by their army in Kashmir, it need to ne stop at all cost. and join the movement as it so uncototal peace and tranquality as it deserve.

Khurram Shahid.jpg
Khurram Shahid

Executive Director @SDO_org; from @Neelum_Valley#Social #Humanitarianworker; #Entrepreneur in @MapleGate; uplifting deserving communities in #Kashmir Peace Ambassador Kashmir Global Movement
Dr Patrick Ayuk
Deputy Director: Kashmir Centre for African Union KCAU
Executive Director: Sam Soya Centre for Democracy and Human Rights SSCDHR.
South Cameroon Human Rights Activist
Vusi Sibanda.JPG
Dr Sibanda
Director Strategic Advisor: Kashmir Centre for African Union KCAU.
Chairman Africa Diaspora Forum.
Attorney and Human Rights Activist
Advocate Yusuf Ismail
Director Litigation: Kashmir Centre for African Union KCAU.
TV anchor, debator and dawaah expert
Attorney and Human Rights Activist
Kashmiri men 1.jpg
Advocate Salim Raja

International Legal Adviser KGM

I am from Srinagar Kashmir an Advocate practising law at session court Anantang & an active member of the Kashmir Global Movement. Seeking political and social justice for my people and everlasting peaceful solution. I am an active member of Kashmir Global Movement

Hannie Libenburg

I am Hannie from Holland and been to Kashmir few years ago and join the movement as it so uncovered by world media. Hope to visit Kashmir again when their is a total peace and tranquility as it deserve.

UK girl.jpg
Samantha O'Brian

I am Sam from Atlanta USA a human right defender and especially women right Kashmir is my focus area and how little people know about Indian human rights violations in Kashmir. Perhaps it is time that world must pay attention to resolve the dispute of Kashmir.

Join Our Team
Dr Gugulethu Ncube
Secretary-General: Kashmir Centre for African Union KCAU.
Director Gender base Violence Africa GBV-A
Human right activist and educator.
Cde Prof Rasool Jibreel Synman
Director Communication: Kashmir Centre for African Union KCAU.
Poetic Assassin, play writer, producer, social and political justice activist.

Fareha Anjum Lone

Kashmiri by birth now lives and studying in the USA. Fareha is an International law scholar and Human Rights Activist for Kashmir cause. She is a writer and cricketing fan

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