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Poem by Salman Khan
Kashmir by: Rasool Synam Jibreel

Dreams of Kashmir

(Dedicated to the People of Kashmir and their tireless fighter Cde Salman Khan)

I dream

I dream

I dream

Dreams of Kashmir


And Africa

Suffering the jackboot of oppression and occupation

Marginalization and invisibilation

Your cries unheard

Your pain unseen

As the world looks in uncaringly

Rushing through malls for yet another flat screen TV

Issuing fatwas against others whilst evading the issue

Of death and destruction

Empty people with empty hearts watching empty screens

Reflected in their empty eyes


I see you in my dreams





As the world looks on


I see the whitened bones in your killing fields


see you in my dreams


My brother





I am as angry as I am sad

We have lamented

We have wept

We have gnashed our teeth

But now we are angry

We want justice

We will raise our fists

And speak your name

And sing of you

Around the campfires

Telling the uncaring world about your plight

Your anger

Your will

Your resistance

To being cowed

And intimidated

We will speak thus 

Even if no one remembers


I will close my eyes and see you

Shouting your slogans

Revolutions happen this way

As the oppressed rise


Will walk with you

Amongst your garden of flowers

When we are both free

And our pain just a memory

The fragrance of freedom will waft through the air

The nightingale will sing her song

We will be at peace


I dream of you

Just as I know that you dream of me

In common dreams of freedom and liberty

Of hope

And new dawns

New beginnings

Do not surrender your dreams

Even if the world is against you

You are not alone

I have you

And you have me

Both children of the Cosmos

The Cosmos knows our names

And whispers them amongst the stars

Let our names rather be

Amongst fallen warriors

Than docile slaves


Aluta continua

The struggle continues


rassool jibraeel snyman©️30/6/2018

“The Poetic Assassin







they have martyred you,

they will martyr more,

but they will never kill:

Your beliefs, your voices.

Your love for


your hearts live on in every mujahideen & in the souls of every

#Kashmiri #KashmirMatters ~

SPB~Poem on


To keep a loving mother & father from their sons is inhuman.

The bonds between them remain strong no matter where they are.

I pray they are united soon.

India are breaking


@UN #InternationalRules


#ThisIsACrisis @pid_gov






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