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Get involved. Get Counted. Play Your Part.Bring Peace

The hopeless and helpless people of Kashmir need your help to liberate them from the tyranny  of Indian oppressive regime. We are looking forward to hearing from you and to work with you on this noble cause.
Silent Genocide is making! You Can Help to Stop it.

The level of atrocities committed is unrepresented to anywhere else in the world over such a prolonged period of time. The world has been a silent spectator and world leaders have not played an effective role to bring to an end this seven-decades-old dispute to a peaceful resolution. Now it is left to the citizen of the world to take interest and take charge of the deteriorating situation and use the international mass mobilization to exert pressure on the Indian government to stop human rights violation to respect human and civil rights of Kashmir peoples and let them practice their rights of self-determination. Simple go to contact form and send us an email telling us how you would like to get involved and what areas of expertise that you can offer or you would like to be just volunteer sympathizer of the Kashmir cause, we are anxiously awaiting to hear from you.

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